13 December, 2009

Julie Verhoeven

She has been a huge inspiration to me in my work since I can remember. I love her edginess and child-like drawings she's not scared to go out side the lines this what I love about her work.  She says the love of her life is drawing Julie has worked in fashion illustration to creative direction and design consultancy. She studied fashion at Medway College and began her career as John Galliano’s design assistant in 1987. Her lucky break came in 2003 when Marc Jacobs approached her to design a collection of hand bags for Louis Vuitton, they were limited edition and proved a huge success. This led her to meet Franco Pene Chairman of the Italien manufacturing company Gibo which makes shoes and clothes for Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Vicot and Rolf, John Galliano. She then became a design consultant for Martin Sitbon and was head designer for Gibo to design a collection of garments. 

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