17 November, 2009

Cindy Sherman

From bus riders 
Untitled 1976/2000
Photograph on paper 189x127 mm
These are a series of photographs that feature the artist as characters she observed on a bus ride in 1976. They weren't printed until 2000. I found this interesting because she uses elaborate costumes and make up to transform her identity for each character.

Heinz Mack

light dynamo 1963
mixed media
This piece is an aluminium disc decorated with a reed pattern which rotates under glass that has been moulded with a similar pattern, whilst moving the disc it appears to dissolve into a rippling light, and through optical illusion it seems to be reforming itself as an oval at the same time remaining circle. I looked at it for some time and found it incredible, it was a bit noisy though! 

Heinz Mack

14 November, 2009

Liverpool Trip

A few of us from D&AD went to Liverpool on the 23rd October. It was alot of fun! First we visited the Liverpool Tate. The exhibitions on were: DLA Piper series: This is sculptu
re, Joyous machines: Micheal Landy and Jean Tanguely, Mark Rothko: The seagram murals. We only went round the sculpture exhibition which was set on two floors. We also went to The Walker Art Gallery to see the Bridget Wiley Flashback exhibition. Bridget Riley is one of Britain's most celebrated contemporary artists. Her paintings from the 1930's to present are dazzling black and white paintings of abstract shapes made a strong visual impact. 

Some work that catched my eye was by Daniel Spoerri called his relief works tableaux-pi├Ęges (picture-traps), because they involved fixing or 'snaring' objects found in chance positions on table tops or in drawers. These were hung vertically on a wall, like conventional pictures, and were intended to create visual discomfort in the viewer. In this work, the remains of a meal are preserved on a wooden board that the artist used as a table while living in a small room in a Paris hotel. 

Condition of women 1960 by Arman Fernandez. The objects in this piece are from his first wife's bathroom and are mounted on an ornamental base from his father's antique shop. Objects of intimate personal use have been selected precisely because of their base quality, and are literally 'elevated' on a plinth to become art which up close is fascinating to look at.

01 November, 2009

My map of thought

I made this scroll at college it was for a project on mapping. It could be on anything so I choose my feelings at the time of distance away from somebody that was very close to me and personal. One end of the scroll is where I was in England and the other person on the other side of the world in Australia. I wrote my feelings and how I felt at that time on the scroll with a typewriter. I love the marks a typewriter leaves on paper.