31 March, 2010

My Panic exhibition piece

Illustration of myself in a glamorous way until you look closer you see a butterfly which is actually a spider, was experimenting with tricking your eye. The outcome I am happy with maybe could of put it into Photoshop to see what a more professional outcome would look like, although I like it coloured in with pastels. 

29 March, 2010

Noiselab D&AD Exhibition

A new gallery on Market Street Manchester where we have our very own exhibition from tuesday 30th March to 4th April. For this exhibition our have to design a new piece of work either poster or moving image, for this exhibit we decided on the theme "Panic" which Shauna thought up panic is great because we are all panicking with the work and being our last year at uni so this sums us all up pretty well. My piece was an A2 poster printed on matte paper, illustration of self portrait coloured in with pastel crayons, so it has a hands on finish to it rather than perfectly done on photoshop. Doing this work I thoroughly enjoyed making a piece quickly and it can go in my portfolio. I will do more peices like this experimenting in collage and material as this is what I am interested in. Our exhibition is on the main page of noiselab website...http://www.noiselab.co.uk/noiselab-presents-panic-student-exhibition