31 October, 2009

If film review

Directed by Lindsay Anderson 

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, I found it very interesting from start to finish because of Micks (played by Malcom McDowell ) ever changing personality, like how he enters the scene with a black hat and a headscarf round his face hiding his moustache. Him and his friends Wallace and Johnny rebel against their schools institution which leads them to be punished in the gym. I didn't like this part when they get whipped they each got whipped four times except Mick was whipped ten times ouch that would of hurt! They also drunk from a vodka bottle and stole a motorcycle from a showroom. 

Parts of the film I found surreal was shots of black and white clips then back to color. Also when they steal the motorbike and visit a nearby cafe Mick seduces the young waitress and they end up fighting like tigers then flashes to them fighting naked. Just a tad wired. Later in the film Mick goes tot he headmasters office and he pulls a man out of the draw-found this very bizarre.

I found the film amusing when they stole the motorcycle and also by their strange behaviour when Mick places a plastic bag over his head and tries to breathe in it which is self inflicted abuse. 

The boys clash with the schools authorities and Mick uses sarcasm throughout to the senior leader by this he punishes him by having a cold shower. The film overall was exciting and interesting and I liked when they had their room inspections and Mick would jump in his beds and sit up straight and how they tell him to stop showing off with gargling the mouth wash.