28 April, 2014

Kate moss X Topshop Collection

Im happy to announce Kate is launching her new range on 30th April. I have already seen some key peices which involve tassels, sequins and a lot of glamour. Inspired by her vintage wardrobe this will be a real sense of her must have style. It is safe to say I'm excited! 

25 June, 2013

Business Cards

I was searching for ideas and this business card is that little bit different from the rest. It's a scratch off business card. I want mine to be clean, simple and a concept about me. This got me thinking how I can show off my talent on my business card, I like the idea of having my own QR code on the back which goes straight to my portfolio and about me page from my website :)  
“It’s printed on 110lb Neenah Classic Crest paper. Scratch off ink is actually very expensive and requires a large run, so I worked with Brunner Printing to find an alternative. We ended up hitting it with a clear varnish first, then hitting it again with a foil. This gave it the appearance and characteristics of scratch-off ink, with a significantly lower price tag.” see her webiste here 

03 September, 2012

Heres my stamp collection which I should put to good use in my collage's they were my dad's from a little boy so their are some pretty old ones. . . 


30 August, 2012

Michelle Caplan

Collage artist uses old photographs and mixed media paper. Her blog Collagelab features her work where she sells it on Etsy. I seem to pick out the collage's with butterfly's.  

The Charming Daughter

Annie Yu

A new collage artist I found today, you can see her blog called curbside treasure where she sells her work. I like the use of old stamps in her work I have a collection of stamps which I should put into good use.

Kareem Rizk

Collage Artist, working mediums include acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, solvent transfers and acrylic transfers. His work is highly layered with textures with a weathered quality. Here are some samples I liked.

Julie Verhoeven for MAC

MAC's collection for Nordstrom's Anniversary in beautiful limited edition packaging by Julie. I wish I had got my hands on one of theses sets.